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About AfriDevCon


The African Developers Conference is hosted with the sole purpose to bring together software engineers, entrepreneurs, tech professionals, hubs, STEM students, University Faculty and aspiring tech talents to gain vital insights into the future of Africa’s Digital Transformation. Attendees will also be taken through a series of workshops, demos, networking as well as training sessions for the chance to enhance their knowledge, widen their perspectives and enrich their experiences. The conference is organized by Gebeya in collaboration with the Ethiopians In tech (EiT) and Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MinT).


Gebeya is a Pan African Ed Tech and online Marketplace Company headquartered in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia with offices in Kenya, US and UK as well as operations in Djibouti and Senegal. The company focuses on cultivating the untapped tech potential of the African youth to prepare them for the demands of the global market. It also offers support to innovative young people who are strong advocates of structural change to strengthen the innovative and technology sectors of Africa. With a self sustained ecosystem powered by the brilliance of diverse minds from all walks of life, Gebeya plans to employ its Training program and global online Marketplace to shape the next generation of talented software developers. Through continental and global opportunities, these talents will work with several local businesses, startups, multinational, public and private companies to create innovative solutions with a focus ranging from Healthcare and Education to Finance and Media while enhancing the quality of life of the African community and revolutionizing industries to support the ever growing African startups.

About AfriDevCon

About AfriDevCon


Liberalizing Innovation Opportunity Nations (LIONS@FRICA) is an innovative partnership that seeks to mobilize the knowledge, expertise and resources of leading public and private institutions to encourage and enhance Africa’s innovation ecosystem and to spur entrepreneurship by investing in the 4C’s: Capacity-building, access to Capital, enhanced Connectivity to global markets, and Credibility by raising awareness of Africa’s innovation potential.


African Technology Foundation (ATF)

We believe in the inherent ingenuity of African entrepreneurs. But we also acknowledge that across the continent, entrepreneurs and innovation actors require a dynamic set of technical support systems to bring their ideas to market and build sustainable businesses.

About AfriDevCon

About AfriDevCon


The world’s largest collective of Ethiopians in tech, whose mission is to support the growth of Ethiopia’s technology & startup ecosystem.


Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MinT)

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Innovation and Technology works with the vision to transform Ethiopia from a country associated with poverty to a middle-income economy and society with deep-rooted participatory democracy and good governance based on the mutual aspirations of its peoples.

About AfriDevCon


UN Economic Commission For Africa (UNECA), Addis Abeba, Ethiopia


October 18th & 19th, 2019


Email: conference@gebeya.com